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Monday, 3 October 2011

Prepositions of time

Preposition Use Examples
in months in July; in September
year in 1985; in 1999
seasons in summer; in the summer of 69
part of the day in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening
duration in a minute; in two weeks
part of the day at night
time of day at 6 o'clock; at midnight
celebrations at Christmas; at Easter
fixed phrases at the same time
days of the week on Sunday; on Friday
date on the 25th of December*
special holidays on Good Friday; on Easter Sunday; on my birthday
a special part of a day on the morning of September the 11th*
later than sth. after school
how far sth. happened (in the past) 6 years ago
earlier than sth. before Christmas
time that separates two points between Monday and Friday
not later than a special time by Thursday
through the whole of a period of time during the holidays
period of time for three weeks
two points form a period from Monday to Wednesday
from Monday till Wednesday
from Monday until Wednesday
time of the day 23 minutes past 6 (6:23)
point of time since Monday
no later than a special time till tomorrow
until tomorrow
time of the day 23 minutes to 6 (5:37)
not more than a special time up to 6 hours a day
during a period of time within a day
* The words in italic are only spoken, not written (date).

Prepositions at, in, on

Preposition Examples
in We sit in the room.
I see a house in the picture.
There are trouts in the river.
He lives in Paris.
I found the picture in the paper.
He sits in the corner of the room.
He sits in the back of the car.
We arrive in Madrid.
He gets in the car.
She likes walking in the rain.
My cousin lives in the country.
There are kites in the sky.
He plays in the street. (BE)
She lives in a hotel.
The boys stand in a line.
There is a big tree in the middle of the garden.
He is in town.
I have to stay in bed.
You mustn't park your car in front of the school.
The robber is in prison now.
at She sits at the desk.
Open your books at page 10.
The bus stops at Graz.
I stay at my grandmother's.
I stand at the door.
Look at the top of the page.
The car stands at the end of the street.
Can we meet at the corner of the street?
I met John at a party.
Pat wasn't at home yesterday.
I study economics at university.
The childen are at gandmother's.
He's looking at the park.
He always arrives late at school.
on The map lies on the desk.
The picture is on page 10.
The photo hangs on the wall.
He lives on a farm.
Dresden lies on the river Elbe.
Men's clothes are on the second floor.
He lives on Heligoland.
The shop is on the left.
My friend is on the way to Moscow.
Write this information on the front of the letter.
When she was a little girl people saw unrealistic cowboy films on television.

Prepositions of place and direction

Preposition Use Examples
higher than sth. The picture hangs above my bed.
from one side to the other side You mustn't go across this road here.
There isn't a bridge across the river.
one follows the other The cat ran after the dog.
After you.
directed towards sth. The bird flew against the window.
in a line; from one point to another They're walking along the beach.
in a group I like being among people.
in a circular way We're sitting around the campfire.
at the back of Our house is behind the supermarket.
lower than sth. Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
next to Our house is beside the supermarket.
sth./sb. is on each side Our house is between the supermarket and the school.
near He lives in the house by the river.
near Our house is close to the supermarket.
from high to low He came down the hill.
the place where it starts Do you come from Tokyo?
the part that is in the direction it faces Our house is in front of the supermarket.
opposite of outside You shouldn't stay inside the castle.
entering sth. You shouldn't go into the castle.
close to Our house is near the supermarket.
beside Our house is next to the supermarket.
away from sth. The cat jumped off the roof.
moving to a place The cat jumped onto the roof.
on the other side Our house is opposite the supermarket.
leaving sth. The cat jumped out of the window.
opposite of inside Can you wait outside?
above sth./sb. The cat jumped over the wall.
going near sth./sb. Go past the post office.
in a circle We're sitting round the campfire.
going from one point to the other point You shouldn't walk through the forest.
towards sth./sb. I like going to Australia.

Can you come to me?
I've never been to Africa.
in the direction of sth. We ran towards the castle.
below sth. The cat is under the table.
from low to high He went up the hill.